12 second VW Rabbit

1978 VW rabbit 16VT vs 1983 VW Rabbit 8VT. Super Jam Maple Grove PA. June 10 2007

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Silly Rabbit 297whp
Almost there.

12.08 @ 118 vw rabbit
the last run of the season for me, and it turned out pretty good. never mind the snowmobile, it kicked my ass yes, but it should.

Unix Performance 1978 VW Rabbit mk1
1978 Vw Rabbit Mk1 1.8T Follow us : facebook.com/cleverqc @clever_qc www.unix-performance.com

Unlimited Street VW drag racing, Las Vegas & Sacramento 2004
"It sounds like what it is, heads-up" Street cars racing whatever VW engine combo they want; turbos, Nitrous, etc. These drag racers had to drive from the hotel in Vegas to the track, so trailer queens were out. Other rules included minimum 1700lbs. with driver, both front seats in, cars licensed and insured, muffler, full working lights, and no wheelie bars. http://www.DragRacingTV.com