Mercedes-Benz 190D 300TD 24v "AMG" (Dieselboost) Vid1 Mercedes-Benz 190d 426BHP 765 Nm. YEAH, some nice smoke is coming out of the back!! hehe

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mercedes 190 3.0turbodiesel
kalajoen testipäiviltä kuvattu video

Mercedes-Benz 190D 300TD 24v "AMG" (Dieselboost) Vid2 Mercedes-Benz 190d 426BHP 765 Nm. YEAH, it ain't only rubber thats coming out of the back when they are playing on this airstrip! hehe

Starting Mercedes W201 190D 2,5 with vegetable oil
WARNING - the first few minutes of this vid is NOT a waste of time - try to relax yourself for the best 10 seconds of your life that come in the end. On a relatively warm (+4°) winter morning i start my 190D 2,5 OM602 with 100% veggie oil.

OM606 Superturbo Precision Turbo
small Clip on small Road testing the 6766