BF3 - Epic and Retarded Moments

Battlefield 3 man... it's crazy. I love it though and I would fully recommend it, 100%, to anybody who loves shooter games. Songs Used: Mass Effect 3 - The Fleets Arrive Starship Troopers - Battle Theme Mass Effect 1 - Saren Portal - Still Alive Kritikal - Green and Purple Slim Thug - Like a Boss (Sound Clip) LA Noire - Chase Scene (Sound Clip) Resident Evil - I Got a Shotgun

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Battlefield 3: Epic Ninja Mission!
Ninja's Arrogant Turd and Hidden Dumbass are sent to destroy the General's Humvee! What's your Ninja Name? Alan Kertz Twitter!/demize99 Friends who helped: Hugebull Toclan Blank0 Restr3po PreM Energy Numbbie SpectreN1 (if you helped and I forgot, please say :D) Video Trivia: - The blood splashes were added in afterwards XD. - The music unfortunately has no name as it is stock music. - If your interested in being in videos, please add me on skype: frankieonpcin1080p (MAKE SURE YOU WRITE "BF3 FILM CREW" IN THE INVITE, so I can put you in the right group)

BF3 - Epic and Retarded Moments 2
Music - Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It Schubert - Ave Maria Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth - Defying Gravity Justice League - Flash Theme Sonic X - English Opening Theme Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Battlefield 3 Trolling dem Noobs 4
After months of trying to get new ideas and recording new clips, editing, and polishing, I have finally finished making the 4th installment. 15 minutes of just pure trolling. Original from thelolwad, made part 2 and 3, here's the 4th. On par, or better than my famous 3rd Trolling dem Noobs. Comment, rate, and subscribe if you like the content! Let's me know to keep going. Ok, ENJOY! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Thanks to everyone that helped out with the video! Music is brought to you by 0:08 - Chariots of Fire 1:01 - Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky 1:21 - Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek 1:41 - House of Pain - Jump around 2:18 - Mortal Kombat Theme Song 2:40 - Scene from Dumb and Dumber 3:07 - The Usual Suspects Interrogation Scene 3:39 - Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck 5:00 - Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Adventure 6:01 - The Derp Song 6:43 - Kevin MacLeod - Moon Lounge Omicron Prime 8:14 - Kevin MacLeod - Investigations 9:30 - Kevin MacLeod - Comedic Juggernaut 9:40 - R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly 9:52 - Eduard Khil (RIP) - Trololol Song 11:20 - Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Art of War

Battlefield 4: Long Range Sniping - 1415 meter Headshot
Buy BF4 cheap on G2A: Wanted to try something different, and thought I'd test out the long range sniping of BF4. If you don't like gameplay like this, suit yourself, but I feel like I've earned at least one match of camping, heh. Here are the shots I managed to get, the longest being a headshot at 1415 meters. _________________________________________ Twitter: Twitch: Buy games at a discount: Previous videos: "Level the Playing Field" | Battlefield 4 Montage by Threatty FULL METAL β | Battlefield 4 Montage by Threatty HACKUSATIONS & RAGE | Battlefield 3 Montage by Threatty FULL METAL 4 | Battlefield 3 Montage by Threatty