BF3 - Epic and Retarded Moments

Battlefield 3 man... it's crazy. I love it though and I would fully recommend it, 100%, to anybody who loves shooter games. Songs Used: Mass Effect 3 - The Fleets Arrive Starship Troopers - Battle Theme Mass Effect 1 - Saren Portal - Still Alive Kritikal - Green and Purple Slim Thug - Like a Boss (Sound Clip) LA Noire - Chase Scene (Sound Clip) Resident Evil - I Got a Shotgun

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BF3 - Epic and Retarded Moments 2
Music - Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It Schubert - Ave Maria Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth - Defying Gravity Justice League - Flash Theme Sonic X - English Opening Theme Lady Gaga - Poker Face

BF3 - Flying vs #1 Pilot in the World!
Subscribe for more beautiful BF3 epicness every week! Jet Tutorial series, ALL the episodes so far: Episode 1 Controls & Basics: Episode 2 Best Jet Loadout: Episode 3 Speed & Dogfighgting: Episode 4 How to kill the ants: Episode 5 Dodging heatseekers without flares: Episode 6 Switch Maneuver: Episode 7 Rolling Scissor Maneuver: Episode 8 Advanced Speed Control Pattern: Episode 9 Rudder Switching: Episode 10 High Yo-Yo: How to land like a Pro: Controls tips and tricks: How To Cut Loops & Scissors: Split Screen Showing Hands: EDIT: Trees on Caspian Border can NEVER kill you directly. I do NOT use tree-hack. Y'all are just a bunch of tree-hating... tree haters =( But I vuv u Thanks for watching!

BATTLEFIELD 3 - Got kicked by admin after I knifed him :)
caspian border team deathmatch. I was running around killing people, i had yet to die, i knife the admin and then I was kicked. SMH Thanks for watching. Dont Forget To Sub :) Follow me on twitter @ Twitch -

BF3 - It's not Impossible
Watch Part 2 here: With Luck + Training, anything is possible. Here is a dragshot Tutorial: