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More videos at A viper and evo 9 battle it out at Blackhawk farms raceway. I fast forwarded through some parts where they were just floating behind some traffic. Watch for the viper to get sideways and the evo to take a small trip off course! So Who won the battle? post your thoughts in the comments section! like us on Facebook for more videos!

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Muellerized Evo vs. Viper Laguna Seca
Muellerized Evo vs. Viper Laguna Seca

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Brandon's Ultimate EVO 9 // The 2014 Ultimate Street Car Runner-Up Story
Entered this re-cut version into the Optima Ultimate Film Festival with no luck. Wanted to share it with the world anyways! Sorry if you were hoping to see Brandon's 2015 Story. That is still in the works.

HKS Evo X 5Laps Battle Tsukuba Circuit
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