Darrell Cox Racing Street 9 on gate pressure...only 14psi...11.06 et @ 127 mph

Darrell driving a customer car on test passes at Mid Michigan Motorplex(Stanton MI) June 2011. Running here on gate pressure only 14psi! New 2011 DCR High Output 2.6L Stroker Engine. DCR Pro Mod Head. DCR Street 9 turbo Kit with Bullseye 68mm turbo with DCR Custom Turbine Housing. DCR 3.5inch Full Exhaust. DCR Street 9 Pro Mod Intake. DCR Coil On Plug (Pencil Coils)-w- MSD DIS-4. AEM EMS tuned by Darrell Cox. DCR 3speed Auto Trans. Full steet car with air conditioning, power steering and full Kish 10pt NHRA Legal Mild Steel Cage. 1st 149 mph full street SRT4! This SRT4 also went a 10.15et and 149mph during this test session! Contact the leaders in SRT4 performance at darrell@dcrsrt.com. More videos to come

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DCR Stage 3R w/ Auto Transmission
2003 DCR SRT-4: DCR 2.6 Stroker, DCR Pro Head, DCR Pro Intake, DCR 51 lb. Stage 3R turbo, DCR Auto Tranny, DCR Tuned AEM EMS. Fully dressed street SRT-4 owned by Ed Bradley making 500 WHP through an auto tranny with no Nitrous.

Kip's Burkhardt Racing Dragster "Krazy Kritter" aka "Johnny 5"...
Kip Burkhardt's Dragster aka "Krazy Kritter" and "Johnny 5". ShopHemi.com All Motor Dodge Motorsports R5P7 358ci Small Block with Power Glide fitted with TCI low 1st gear and custom TCI Converter. Cox Performance (aka) Darrell Cox Racing Custom Electronic Fuel Injection on methanol. DCR AEM EMS 2 Stand Alone Engine Controller running with a MSD Digital 6, (8) 1600cc Injectors. Tuned by Darrell Cox. Kip owns, maintains and drives. Darrell Cox handles all tuning. 1st time out and we also went 8.20s this same day. This car will go 7.70s soon as we have since changed gearing and will get more aggresive with tuning. Built in memory of Mark, Jr and Marlene Burkhardt.

Summer Slam 2009 Red Sled SRT-4
Summer Slam At E-town 2009 N2MB Racing Darrell Cox Racing

DCR Cox Performance SRT4 "Jeffs GR8 Gazu" 10.10 et @ 140+
DCR 2.6 Stroker Kit. DCR Pro Series turbo Kit with a Precision 6765 turbo. DCR Pro Series Intake Manifold Kit. DCR Auto Trans Kit. DCR Coil On Plug Pecil Coils -w- MSD Dis4. AEM EMS Tuned By Darrell Cox.