Infiniti G35 vs Subaru WRX

ZXCLUSIVE Ricky Ticky smokes some dude on the freeway in SF.

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Infiniti G35 vs Subaru WRX
Voltando de SP da GR Racing na Subaru rumo a Anápolis - GO

Dalbi vs Matt (wrx vs g35) Eso!
you tell me who one because its close! coll video tho check it out!! Eso for life baby!!!

G35 Vs Hater
ok so this kid in the integra has been talking his car up for months now at the meet's in sacramento, Hes been talkin that he will beet my boy Daniel's Infiniti G35 and talking a lot of other crap in the mix. Well we saw him on the freeway heading home from the weksos summer rendezvous meet in santa cruz and this is how it went!!!! ENJOY!!!!!

2006 WRX vs G35
2006 WRX 18g turbo, stock ecu maps, prodrive Exhaust G35 Exhaust