BMW Turbo Actuator replacement

This is on a 2006 BMW 530d (e61) But I'm guessing these are on most BMW's

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How To Easily Test a Turbo / Boost Control Valve TCV
A simple way to test this common and important component. *IMPORTANT* This particular valve switches and diverts vacuum at 1000 rpm and this is controlled by the ECU so it is important to check for your own vehicle, the circumstances under which your valve is supposed to work.

BMW 530d 231hp Turbo whistling !

Turbocharger electronic actuator setting - Mitsubishi Turbo for BMW engine. Testing and Adjusting
Video with subtitles showing how to set Mitsubishi turbocharger electronic actuator and variable geometry using diagnostic Tester ATD-1. More information about the device on the website Using that equipment you can test, set and diagnose problems with electric west gate actuator and variable veins for tubos: Garrett Hella VNT, BorgWarner KKK Siemens VDO VGT and Mitsubishi.

BMW 320d VGT turbo actuator at different revs
900rpm idle 1000rpm 2000 rpm 2500 then 3000 rpm finally upto 4000rpm and lift off straight away See this link for more info : also check out my website