Revell 69 Chevy Nova COPO (Clear Coat)

Decided to do a factory stock build this time around. The car is Testors Model Master Metallic Turquoise enamel. I'll be running wires, heater hoses for a little more motor compartment detailing. In this one I clearcoat with Pledge Future Floor Wax (clear acrylic).

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Revell 69 Chevy Nova COPO Part 3
Decided to do a factory stock build this time around. The car is Testors Model Master Metallic Turquoise enamel. I'll be talking about the progress of the Nova and about detailing the grille work with black wash. I had to shorten the video, it was to long for Youtube, forgot about the 15 minute limit. But I kept in a few tips.

Chevelle update is Future the answer?
Clear coat after a custom paint job was necessary due to decals just not working out.

CLINIC: Airbrushing Future Clear (Part 1)
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Scale Modeling Tips #1 - Protecting Clear Parts @ SMKR
Here's a short video on using Johnson's Future Floor Finish or Pledge with Future Shine to protect and shine up your clear parts. More information on Acrylic Liquid Clear can be found at Swanny Models web site below. Welcome to my channel Scale Model Kit Review (SMKR). **** Please Subscribe and Like ***** From scale autos, military aircraft, armor, ships, figures, miniatures, gundam to science fiction and real space scale modeling... History you can model, Museums, Airshows and Model shows and swap meets with model kit reviews, full video builds and more, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica. The Scale Model Kit Review (SMKR) YouTube channel was founded to share my scale-modelling experience with subscribers in a step-by-step, tutorial styled presentation. The videos in the SMKR channel show how to build a model from beginning to the end, as well as detailed videos related to specific techniques and applications. This channel is designed to trigger your creative juices in scale modeling, to introduce new people to the world of scale modelling and if possible, help you decide on your next model kit purchase and to decompress and relax. All the reviews and full video builds on my channel are 100% my builds or reviews. Please show your support by hitting the like button, commenting and make sure to hit the Subscribe button. If you’d like to receive a notification every time the channel uploads a video, tap the bell to turn on all notifications. Scale Model Kit Review, the fastest growing popular scale modeling channel dedicated to bring you scale model kit reviews, Plastic kits, Resin kits, Photo-Etch details, book reviews, decals and historical reference videos. I live in the United States and I've been building and collecting scale models for over 40 years and you can find some of my model builds on & here on this channel. Most of the model kit reviews are funded by me. Manufacturers and retailers your review samples are welcome and your products will be seen instantly, and reviewed via Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and the Google + Community. ** Some past Sponsors are,,,, & ** Please keep in mind that new content will be added continuously, so please don't forget to subscribe to this great channel which may be a great source for your modelling needs. Disclaimer: I am not monetized or paid by any company! ******* CONNECT WITH ME ******* My blog: Facebook: SMKR: Bandai Star Wars Builders: Star Trek Master Model Builders: Twitter: ******* My Other YouTube Channel ******** Cherokee XJ Action: Music by YouTube Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe