SRT-4 Stock vs. Borla catback vs. Maxxfab/Borla SRT-4 exhaust comparison

see title BTR

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Srt4 exhaust borla vs MPx
Just like the title says. Mine and my buddies Exhaust comparison and shooting flames.

SRT-4 Dodge Commercial
Original Dodge Neon SRT-4 commercial vs WRX STI Released 2003

Srt 4 Backfires From HELL!
Video does not do the backfires justice, but take my word this thing sounds like GUNSHOTS SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED Check Him Out! (Link To Song)

srt4 new exhaust
srt4 new Exhaust just got rid of the leaking old borla Exhaust and electric cut out for a full 3" ebay $250 Exhaust with an added vibrant ultra quiet resonator. yes i know the car is in much need of a wash.