Prom Night Crash

Garden Grove TV3 brings you coverage of a prom night car crash which sends four teens to the hospital. Police are investigating street racing as a possible cause for the crash.

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Prom Night
A video discouraging drunk driving and other reckless behavior on public roads.

Fatal crash Golf 2.Turbo
Street racer films his own fatal crash Just because you drive a suped up Volkswagen with a bunch of racing stickers and a loud stereo doesn't actually qualify you to race a Porsche.

Baby, Teen Killed in Ga. Street Racing Crash
ATLANTA - Authorities say racing may have been a factor after an accident on Interstate 20 in Rockdale County left a baby and a teenager dead on Friday morning. The Georgia State Patrol says initial reports show two vehicles were racing westbound near Salem Road at around midnight when the driver of a Honda lost control, hit a guard rail, traveled across the lanes and collided with a Chevrolet pickup truck. Authorities say two passengers in the Honda were killed: the driver's 7-month-old son Hunter, and 19-year-old Edi Rodriguez. The driver, 22-year-old Kyrie Alassen Anderson, of Madison, Ga., was injured. Two men in the pickup truck, Jody Shane Richardson, 34 and Terry Lee Chaney 48, were also injured. All of the injured were transported to a hospital. Rosalia Rodriguez, Edi's sister, said that Anderson called her immediately after the crash. "She was like, 'Hunter's not breathing. Hunter's not breathing, I was like, 'What are you talking about? Stop playing,'" said Rosalia Rodriguez. Rodriguez says she and other family members rushed to the scene after Anderson told her where it was. She says she never asked about her brother because she didn't know he was with Anderson. Once there, says she made a sign of the cross for a person who was dead at the scene, finding out minutes later it was her brother. Anderson was rushed to the hospital with a broken neck and other injuries according to Rosalia Rodriguez. Investigators say they have information on the second vehicle allegedly involved in the racing, and will be talking with that driver. "Hopefully they'll find out what really happened and if there's somebody else involved," said Jose Martinez, the brother of the victim. Family members of Edi Rodriguez said they don't believe Anderson should face any charges because she has already been through so much. A second crash occurred as drivers slowed to avoid the first crash. Credit: MYFOXATLANTA STAFF