Prom Night Crash

Garden Grove TV3 brings you coverage of a prom night car crash which sends four teens to the hospital. Police are investigating street racing as a possible cause for the crash.

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WRX Canyon Crash
Impreza crash during canyon run QQ

Drunk Driving Teen Kills 3 in Prom Crash - Lance Wheeler Video
A mother and child, as well as 17 year old Cairo Durham student, have died inn a two car accident. The driver responsible for the highway slaughter has been charged with DWI by Cairo Police. This was a dramatic reenactment. The community effort was held behind the Cairo Durham High School Wednesday night with the hope that it really doesn't happen.
 Fire departments,rescue squads, the coroner, NY State Police, the BCI, Greene County Sheriffs and the Cairo Police teamed up with the Cairo Durham High School and community want prom goers to know the realities of prom night and to "be safe".

Teen Car Crash-show your teens
please show any teen drivers this video..i am a teen my self and it made me think about my actions and the consequences which could come from such iresponsible behaviour..and i hope you will share this as it might just save someones life.

Epic fail Ricer 350z
The owner of this abomination actually wore a shirt with flames and dyed his hair red to match the car. Needless to say he matched. (Mine is the white 350z, just painted it starfire pearl)