Fastest Cars at Hillclimb 2012 Audi TT DTM / Osella FA30 / Dallara GP2 // St.Ursanne Les Rangiers HD

European Championship Hillclimb in Switzerland, St. Ursanne, Region South Jura. The fastest hillclimb drivers meet in August 2012 on one of the most dangerous and fastest tracks on their way to the european title. The winner Simone Faggioli has an average speed of over 175 km/h (max. speed more than 250 km/h) and that on normal roads, which are only locked and secured for racing. In 2010 the french driver Lionel Regal lost his life. On the rainy raceday he went off the road and dashed against a tree. Also listen to the best magic sounds of formula cars. The race cars drive across the old town backcoming to St. Ursanne after race run next to the spectators. Really unique, race atmosphere to touch ...

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Glasbach bergrennen - David Hauser - Dallara GP2
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Dallara GP2 David HAUSER - St. Ursanne Les Rangiers 2013 - Amazing Sound High Speed Hillclimb
Europen Hillclimb Championship Switzerland - High Speed Track St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers - Average Speed 177 km/h - only the Europen Champion Simone Faggioli and Joel Volluz both on two Osella FA 30 especially build for hillclimb racing were faster than David - Volluz only 0,8 sec in the two best runs

David Hauser - Dallara GP2 - Turckheim 2013
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Onboard with David Hauser (Dallara GP2) - Trento Bondone 2013
Like us on Facebook: 17,3 km with over 140 corners in less than 10 minutes and finishing 4th in the European Hillclimb Championship