Phil's 97 dodge ram ss/t 5.9 AND cole's 98 dakota r/t 5.9----- exhaust compare

a good vid of both are trucks Exhaust and compare. let me know wut u think of these 2 beautiful trucks mopar power baby! comment and rate thank you dont forget to vote what one u like and what one sounds the best!

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Nokturnal Chandler Ram RT by Pure Media
Thanks Michael Flores from Nokturnal Chandler for this opportunity.

97 dodge SS/T 5.9
Just a short run. Not a bad run bolt ons and lunati custom grind cam 463/465 lift 218/228 duration @50 just a baby lift cam. Stock is 410. Also has 2.02 Odessa iron ram heads

1997 Dodge Ram SST
This is my old .. Im getting another one coming soon. A lot more mods though. OH YEAH