1980 Chevrolet Citation

This is a brief video about my 1980 Chevrolet Citation. It has a 2.5 four cylinder "IronDuke" engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. I've already replaced the plugs, wires, Oil, and brakes. Runs and drives well!

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Chevrolet Citation 151 cu
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1980 Chevy Citation Update & Drive
Just an update and drive.

A Tribute To My 1981 Chevrolet Citation
Originally recorded sometime in September, 2003, including material from before as well. All good things come to an end. When my old car died, this was the saga. I had a decent camera (for the time), but also (for the time), the video clips had no sound, were grainy, and limited to 30 seconds apiece. This presentation has no audio, but there are captions to tell the story.

A look at a 20+ years unregistered 1981 Chevy Citation!
Hi! I'm AreWildz28 and I love cars, my 2 Sons, and my 2 cats Buddy and Tommy! Thanks for watching! I never beg for subscribers..thats up to you! More vids soon..