Bette&Tina - In My Head

Bette & Tina.Jennifer Beals & Laurel Holloman No copyright infringement intended. All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment purposes only. No Profit Is Being Made.

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Lost Girl-Bo and Lauren.avi
Song ;"I fought the angels"-The Delgados. This video was made just for fun.No infridgement was intented.I DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

Two couples, close friends, watch a provocative French movie featuring orgies and swapping partners. The guys get the idea that it would be fun to try this with their girlfriends. At first the girls are appalled, but after a time, they get into the idea. The men don't question their good fortune, as the two girls strip down and throw them onto the bed. But the two women have something else in mind. The evening does not go as planned.

Lost Girl- Bo and Lauren Kiss
Finally!!! They did take their time to get these two back together, but at least it was worth the wait. The scene is from season 2 episode 6. Hope you'll enjoy it!!!

Jennifer Beals - Bette will not give up
LESBIAN CONTENT! Jennifer Beals plays lesbian character on Showtime TV series ,,The L Word,, so she kisses other women in some scenes. If this is likely offend you then please don't watch this video! *No copyright infringement intended* song by Peter Gallagher -- Don't give up on me