Bette&Tina - In My Head

Bette & Tina.Jennifer Beals & Laurel Holloman No copyright infringement intended. All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment purposes only. No Profit Is Being Made.

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One Life to Live-Todd and Tea-Teenage Dream
Song: Teenage Dream Artist: Katy Perry First and foremost, a huge thank you to shelleforever2 for the clips! This was requested by countrymusiclover53. I honestly would have never thought to do a TnT vid to this song until it was requested. So, I made a vidlet to it since the first part fit the bucket list scenes so well. Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Thanks for watching! Disclaimer: I own nothing. "One Life to Live" is owned by ABC and "Teenage Dream" is owned by Katy Perry and her record label. I merely borrowed the ideas for a little bit of fun. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!

Pat & Sheena, First kiss
Scene from the tv series "Bad Girls" Clip is from series 7 episode 10 I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS OF BAD GIRLS.

Bo & Lauren Beautiful With You
These video's are all made for the fans, I have no Copy rights to any of them, it is all done for fun of our favorite show and Couple Bo and Lauren on Lost Girl, Please take note that Bo is a bisexual Succubus and Lauren is her lover in the show. so if you have a problem with that do not watch the video.thank you. Lost Girl is produced by Prodigy Pictures and Showcase TV. Song - Beautiful With You by Halestorm

Lost Girl- Bo and Lauren Kiss
Finally!!! They did take their time to get these two back together, but at least it was worth the wait. The scene is from season 2 episode 6. Hope you'll enjoy it!!!