Jeep cherokee Turbo Garrett gt4202R

Jeep Cherokee 1996 turbo GARRETT GT42 Only 12 PSI Of Boost Tial wastegate 44mm

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A BASIC Supercharger

جيب شروكي - مكينة 1J تيربو & Jeep 1J - Turbo
مقطع الاستعراض / جيب شروكي 1J - turbo سكاكا الجوف -- ترقبوا المقاطع الأخرى --

Ultimate Turbo, Exhaust, Engine and Blow Off Sounds Compilation #2. Boosted sound!
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2JZ Jeep Cherokee Test Drive.MP4
The Jeepra is sold. I keep in touch with the new owner and he updates me with pics as he continues modding it. My album is on FB at type=1&l=34515eef11 This vehicle isn't just for racing...or mudding...or trailing... It's for everything. Keeping in mind the goal here is to grab the environment by the neck and beat the crap out of it, the renowned capability of the Jeep Cherokee has been coupled with the legendary power of the 2JZ-GTE to create what will ultimately be the greatest lightweight, versatile, armored, agile, and tough street/trail vehicle ever built. If you can can catch it on the street, you won't be able to keep up off-road. If you can keep up off-road, you won't be able to catch it on the street. Bring on the apocalypse. Details: 2JZ-GTE powered Jeep Cherokee. Fully built automatic transmission is a hybrid A340e/AW4 that plugs into the Jeep NP231 transfer case and utilizes the OEM mounting points and cross members, making this Jeep completely "JEEP" from the transfer case back. Single turbo is small and from an EVO8 (for quicker spool) with custom Exhaust manifold (bends donated by VINCE@ THANKS VINCE!). Currently the Exhaust is not built and just has an open down pipe. There is much work to be done...such as tidying all the wiring, building an actual shifter, installing the paddle shifters for manual control of the auto trans, and getting the climate control systems modified and reinstalled. A set of TT Supra rims with 1" spacers will be going on, tires still unknown, but will be all terrain, yet streetable. A 3" lift and custom integrated and modular armor is in the design phase now, along with transmission temp gauge and paddle shifters. Still breaking her in, but we will have Boost and Dyno numbers soon. Thanks for watching. BUILD THREAD: Contact: