Fastest 1929 Ford Model "A" From here you find more information and restoration photos of this magnificent automobile. This car might be the fastest and the most expensive Ford Model"A" in the World. Restored By Makela Auto Tuning

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Top Sleepers Of The World (Part 8)
Some of the best stock-looking cars that aren't that slow as they look like... Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: Episode 7: Episode 9: Credits: "Fastest 1929 Ford Model "A"" by fer365 "SLEEPER turbo Civic Wagon Vs Camaro" by BoostedBoiz "Sleeper turbo Civic" by EBTEC "VW Golf MK1 4Motion 1152HP 100-200 test on street 2015" by Boba Motoring

1931 Ford Model A Street Rod "The Ultimate Sleeper" Big Oak Garage
A 1931 Ford model A Street Rod that I shot at Big Oak Garage...From the out side it looks like a stock Model A....No body mods...The period correct wire wheels....Moe hair interior....Everything as it should be from 1931...But under all that...Things have changed....Very cool old hot rod...Check it out!!...For cool videos please visit The Coolest Cars On The Web!!!

1929 Ford Model A - The Deceptive Gentleman
1929 Ford Model A - The Deceptive Gentleman You See a Beautifully Restored Stock Model A Coming Your Way-- butWhat's That Noise? From the March, 2008 issue of Hot Rod By Christopher Campbell Photography by Makela Auto Tuning, Stefan Bau

After a few hot rods, muscle cars, and trucks, a Model A shows up at an improvised burnout contest and rolls into the 'burnout box' where there is some water.... The crowd was amused with the result. It smoked the competition! All rights reserved. © The competition consisted of a Challenger, Chevelle SS, old chevy pickup, and an old hod rod coupe. This definitely goes along with my ' Strange & Extreme ' vehicle videos!