Camaro Z28 Cup car

1 lap around a Swedish race track called Anderstorp Raceway. The car is a chevrolet Camaro z28 cup car Engine zz4 440 650nm

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83 Patric Sundel, Camaro Cup, Knutstorp Race 1 2011
Camaro Cup på Knutstorp. Race 1 2011

Nissan 200sx s13 Gotland ring
Some video footage from good times whit my Nissan 200sx s13 Nissan 200sx s13 Gotland hunting proche dont own the car today.. It was a realy funny street legal car whit 347hk at 1.01 bar but i hade to sell it for my Camaro cup car

Camaro Cup, Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät 11.6.2011
Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät, Camaro Cup 2011. Lauantain lähtö.

Historic Race Botniaring 2012 Roadsport A / V8
Videokooste / in car VW 1303 Historic Race Botniaringin Roadsport A/V8 -luokan tapahtumista.