Camaro Z28 Cup car

1 lap around a Swedish race track called Anderstorp Raceway. The car is a chevrolet Camaro z28 cup car Engine zz4 440 650nm

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Pc game vs reality
Hi Here is a video of me driving the same car in Stcc the game and in reality. The track i am driving on is called Ring Knutstorp. I am driving the Camaro Cop car nr18 in both movies. It was the first time for me to drive on Knutstorp whit the Cmaaro cup car in real life before i was pratice in the pc game. And i Moste say SIMBIN makes The best simracing game!

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Redline: Review
Looking to out perform its arch rival from Dearborn, Chevrolet unleashes its best Camaro yet. Riding on the all-new Alpha platform, this new 6th generation is lighter, stronger, and more sharp versus the previous Zeta platform. Throw in a fabulous sounding 6.2L V8 and you have the makings of one fantastic muscle car that is track ready from the factory.

Camaro Cup, Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät 11.6.2011
Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät, Camaro Cup 2011. Lauantain lähtö.

83 Patric Sundel, Camaro Cup, Knutstorp Race 1 2011
Camaro Cup på Knutstorp. Race 1 2011