V8 Honda CRX RWD

First start of my chevy 350 crx with toyota supra independent rear and a lot of custom work i did...bored .30 over, alliance race cam, 202 double hump heads, 11.5:1 comp. keith black pistons...a lot more...heres one build thread http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=2438071

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V8 engine in a civic!

V8 crx drive for first time
Driving the crx for the first time, not on it too hard

Blown 454 big block powered acura integra
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V8 honda civic , cool toyotas n peppercatkeith
met http://www.youtube.com/pepperccatkeith on vacation in nova scotia and all kinds of cool vehicles . these are some of them .