TURBO 269hp Toyota Celica GT-S Walkaround in HD

Walkaround of my Celica GT-S

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Celica GT-S Turbo 10psi 91 octane 350 hp Dyno run
My Toyota Celica being tuned at low Boost setting. 10 PSI. Fully built motor. Darton sleeves, Mahle pistons, Crower rods, MWR valves and springs, Garrett T3 60-1 turbo. breaking in the engine before I turn the Boost up and tune for higher horse power.

2000 turbo Celica GT-S flooring it from 2nd, 7psi
This is my 2000 turbo GTS flooring it onto a highway on ramp. I'm in 2nd gear when I floor it. Sorry bad quality on my cell.

Toyota Celica gt-s spanks Subaru Wrx
My 2001 Toyota Celica Gt-s Vs 2002 Subaru Wrx.

Turbo Toyota Celica GTS Questions and Answers! |Everything you want to know!
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