TURBO 269hp Toyota Celica GT-S Walkaround in HD

Walkaround of my Celica GT-S

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1984 Toyota Celica Turbo Restoration
Group B ex Björn Waldegard, Toyota Team Europe 1985 HongKong-Beijing Rally. 1986-1988 Mohammed Bin Sulayem, Toyota Team Middle East Championship winning car. Project made by: www.mat.fi Source: http://www.build-threads.com/build-threads/makela-auto-tuning-projects/

Turbo Toyota Celica GTS Questions and Answers! |Everything you want to know!
Hello everyone, this is the long q and a I said I would be posting about the state of the car and the new things to come in the future. I gathered all of your questions and answered everything in one big video. Hope this helps clear up any questions about the Celica! Interested in making some quick money just by searching on the internet? try out qmee today! It's 100% free! Here's the link: http://qm.ee/9B88D03C --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------Hope you guys enjoyed the video! leave a rating please! and have a nice day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- Follow me on twitter! : www.twitter.com/Morillo_Mateo

Turbo Toyota Celica GT-S on ramp run in 3rd gear
Taking the highway on ramp in third gear. turbo 2000 Celica GT-S at 8psi.

Toyota Celica GT-S walk around
This is my 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S.