2012 Cat National GT-1

2012 SCCA Cat National at Road America, Group GT-1

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Loshak DSR SCCA Cat National LAST 2 FIRST @ Road America 2012
A surprising engine failure and the crew kicks into overdrive. We packed up, went home, tore the car apart, cleaned the mess a gallon of water and gallon of oil make mixed together and installed a our spare Moon Super Cycle motor. The crew did thier job, now it was my turn. Special thanks to: ETE Reman Moon Super Cycle Stohr Goodyear Censport My Championship Crew, Friends & Family Thank you, without any of you, none of this would have been possible.

SCCA Trans Am Race @ Brainard Raceway 2013
SCCA Trans Am Race @ Brainard Raceway 2013

SCCA Race at Thunderhill on 9/22/13
American V8 Supercar Series Race. #50 Darrell Anderson racing with #45 Frank Emmett GT1 corvette and another AV8SS car #67 Cameron Rogers in a V8 RX7...

2012 SCCA Pro Trans-AM Race From Road America
2012 SCCA Pro Trans-Am Race from Road America. No Qualifying times: Started 10th Finished 2nd.