2012 Cat National GT-1

2012 SCCA Cat National at Road America, Group GT-1

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Road America GT1 Racing
A behind the scenes look at the EXSYS / Eppinger sponsored Bachmann Motorsports Team at a very exciting SCCA race in Road America where John Heinricy had to pass 15 cars to get to the podium. Go to www.bachmannmotorsports.com for more info.

Trans Am Road America Part 2
Blaise Csida with Trans Am at Road America Aug 17/12

2013 AVI Racing GT1 Corvette
785 HP LS7 GT1 Corvette Race Car -- Inde Motorsports Ranch

Road America SCCA Runoffs 2013 - It's all about passion
Racing is so much more than what it appears with a mere cursory glance. To the outsider, it is simply a sport, like any other. Drivers willfully negotiate their machines around the track with the eventual goal of crossing the finish line before their fellow speed-driven Doppelgangers. But, to those that have dared to look behind the curtain, racing is about...PASSION