2012 Cat National GT-1

2012 SCCA Cat National at Road America, Group GT-1

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Road America GT1 Racing
A behind the scenes look at the EXSYS / Eppinger sponsored Bachmann Motorsports Team at a very exciting SCCA race in Road America where John Heinricy had to pass 15 cars to get to the podium. Go to www.bachmannmotorsports.com for more info.

SCCA Trans Am Race @ Brainard Raceway 2013
SCCA Trans Am Race @ Brainard Raceway 2013

Trans Am Road America Part 2
Blaise Csida with Trans Am at Road America Aug 17/12

Trans-Am GT1 Camaro | HD | 2 Laps around PIR
Ride along with Brian Richards in his Rhom inovations and Canned Heat sponsored Chevy Camaro GT1 Trans-Am Car. The footage was captured at the historic Portland International Raceway, in Oregon, during the SCCA May Double Regional.