turbo supra vs 3 hyabusas

courtesy of wotm.com

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Ola!!..This is an event held once every 10years in the midwest of usa. A fun and safe event with almost 100 import cars. These two beast built by SPEngineering. GTR (750whp)on C16 and Supra (1033)on C16.

ryan woon in car
ryan woons monster of a supra down the quarter with in car view,great quality

Lamborghini Aventador challenges Toyota Supra on highway!
After a night of racing we came across this beautiful Lamborghini Aventador on the way home. He was a little froggy so we gave him a run. This was an awesome night!

Boost Logic Turbo Supra edited video
i edited the orginal video, Boost Logic turbo Supra, i hope the original owner didnt mind. i wanted to try out window movie maker for the first time.