turbo supra vs 3 hyabusas

courtesy of wotm.com

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Supra Waxing A Cobra
508HP Cobra VS 600HP+

G35 vs Supra
A modified Supra runs into a group of modified G35s, then lines up with a Vortech supercharged G at a light. The honks at the beginning are when we first notice the Supra, even though you can't see it from where my camera is mounted. We give him an open lane, he bites, and things get pretty crazy from there. Enjoy! Edit: Camera car = Saturn Sky Red Line

twin turbo supra sweet sound
check the sound this car makes...

Boost Logic Turbo Supra edited video
i edited the orginal video, Boost Logic turbo Supra, i hope the original owner didnt mind. i wanted to try out window movie maker for the first time.