1999-2000 Corvette C5 Steering Wheel Position Sensor GM P/N 26058286

A quick test of a C5 SWPS, recently I opened this unit up, inside I found a rotary encoder, these units are most certainly NOT repairable.

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Steering Position and Torque Sensor Replacement
Replacement Procedure of the Steering Position and Torque Sensor, part number 905-513. This sensor is for the Malibu / G6 (2008-04) with Electric Power Steering.

1997 98 99 GM Truck Power Steering EVO Wheel Speed Sensor Test & Replacement (Chevy & GMC)
Testing and repair of the Power Steering EVO Wheel Speed Sensor on 1997 98 99 GM C/K trucks (Chevy & GMC) Suburban Tahoe Yukon Silverado Cheyenne Sierra W/T. This is the steering wheel sensor / bearing assembly on the inside dash steering column that gives the PCM feedback on the steering wheel speed for adjusting the orifice at the power steering pump (EVO). The EVO itself is attached to the back of the power steering pump and was a new feature introduced by GM in 1997. A defective EVO wheel speed sensor will result in either excessive steering assist, or gaps in steering assist. GM part numbers for repairs, as well as modifications, are given in the video.

sensor torque calibration
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