1999-2000 Corvette C5 Steering Wheel Position Sensor GM P/N 26058286

A quick test of a C5 SWPS, recently I opened this unit up, inside I found a rotary encoder, these units are most certainly NOT repairable.

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C5 Corvette - Steering Wheel Position Sensor Replacement
2001 C5 Corvette - Steering Wheel Position Sensor Replacement

Steering Angle Sensor Voltage High
This video is a sample of AutoMate's training module covering voltage high DTC's on Steering Angle Sensors. Most modern vehicle’s power steering systems rely on a steering angle sensor to relay steering wheel velocity and absolute angle information to the power steering control module. This sensor is critical to power steering and DSC system operation, thus the diagnosis of any steering angle sensor faults need to be both thorough and accurate. To gain access to this module and over 250 other quality automotive training videos, visit http://www.automatetraining.com.au and become a member now.

Steering Torque Sensor Tester
Buy at http://www.infotronic.pt A handy tool that helps you align steering sensor to fit on power steering. Tester for steering sensors in auto-detect function It gives all information about sensors' position with a resolution of 0,1°for a correct position calibration. It has 2 connectors (8 pin and 6 pin), so it is possible to test several sensors (white, yellow, green, yellow, blue, purple and orange cable). more info at www.infotronic.pt uma ferramenta muito útil que ajuda a alinhar sensor de direção para montar na direcção assistida. Função auto-deteção do tipo de sensor. Fornece toda a informação acerca da posição do sensor com resolução de 0.1º para uma correta calibração da posição. Tem 2 fichas (8 e 6 pinos) para poder ligar vários sensores (cabo amarelo, azul, verde, branco, roxo e laranja). Mais informação em www.infotronic.pt

Faulty steering torque sensor
How to check if steering torque sensor is faulty or not with infotronic tester. www.infotronic.pt