Just a collage of pictures feat. My 1987 Buick Grand National. The first pic was when i first got it in the fall of 2008. Paid $5500. Now here it is twenty thousand dollars later! Almost all the stock parts have been replaced. turbo upgraded plus alky injection! It's pretty fast and iv'e never lost a street race! I once smoked a viper and a new M5 at the same time! Thanks for watching!

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Black Air The Buick Grand National Documentary – Documentary , Biography , History[USA] full movie
Black Air The Buick Grand National Documentary – Documentary , Biography , History[USA] full movie It was a strange and curious misfit. Though born a Buick, the Grand National was clearly something else. It was too quick and too brutish to carry that stodgy name. There was something inside the car trying to get out. Actors:Tony Assenza , Paul Castle , Richard Clark Directors:Andrew Filippone Jr. Country:USA

SICK Grand National
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Curren$y feat Raekwon - Michael Knight (Remix) (Subtitulado al español)
http://WWW.PURPLEDRANK.ES - Importación de camisetas de USA. Remix de la canción Michael Knight en la que participa Raekwon y que está incluida en el 3º album de Curren$y "Pilot talk 2". JETS LIFE

1464 HP Grand National dyno
Owners name is Jim, this is an 87 GN with a funny car cage, air to liquid Intercooler, SBC V8 (yeah, I know), 106mm single turbo, running on E85. The car Dyno'd 1464 HP but since this was a challenge no torque numbers were shown. The PA system they have sucks and this car brought such a large crowd it took me more than ten minutes just to see the screen and verify the numbers. He won the Car Craft Dyno Challenge in the turbo class at the 2010 Car Craft Summer Nationals.