► 2013 Mercedes G 63 AMG Designo Magno Platinum

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► Ford Taurus Takes Alien Passengers for a Ride in Men In Black 3
Between neuralyzers and monocycles, the Men in Black get to play with some of the coolest toys around. And the next installment of the sci-fi series, Men in Black 3, will feature an all-new toy for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones: the Ford Taurus. As director Barry Sonnenfeld explains, the Taurus makes perfect sense: "We originally decided on a Ford sedan for the first Men in Black because it seemed like the car equivalent of the black suit. A style that never gets old, but still feels unique and super cool." The time-traveling story line of MIB3 also gives classic Ford vehicles some screen time. "In 1969 our heroes drive Ford Galaxies that look like flying saucers, and in the present, it's the Taurus Limited," says Sonnenfeld. "The cars are characters, and the Ford vehicles are perfect casting." Men in Black 3 opens Friday, May 25.