6 second 1/4 Mile Valiant

Hot Rod Reunion 6 second Mopar

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Abel Ibarra 1700 HP RX8 w/ Synchronic WG
After 2 years of dialing in his setup, Abel Ibarra's RX-8 will be hitting the track. The car's engine is a 1700 HP 3-rotor turbo engine on methanol. It has 3 Synchronic Wastegates.

50 Ford Shoebox vs 34 Plymouth Hot Rod
Drag race at LACR

10 Sec VG Valiant
www.stmarysengines.com.au Bretts VG Valiant, Drag Racing at WSID 12-2006

Renteria Brothers 1964 Valiant
Renteria Brothers Valiant at the 2008 March Meet in Bakersfeild