6 second 1/4 Mile Valiant

Hot Rod Reunion 6 second Mopar

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Karen Stoffer makes the 6 second 1/4 mile club!
Geico Pro Stock Suzuki rider Karen Stoffer fills the last spot in the six second 1/4 mile club at Maple Grove Raceway on sept. 30th 2006.

'76 Valiant 1/4 mile drag at RMR
1976 Plymouth Valiant, 1/4 mile drag race, 360 cu in, still on street tires on a cold night at the track.

Sub 6 second quarter mile
Larry McBride does 1/4 mi in under 6 seconds @ 230mph

Project Valiant RMS Street Lynx Suspension Installation
We install the Reilly Motorsports Street Lynx rear four-link suspension on Popular Hot Rodding's Plymouth Valiant project. How-to video from Outlaw Motorsports in Riverside, CA.