Switzer E900 GT-R vs AAM GT-900 GT-R

AAM car tuned by COBB SOCAL Switzer tuned by Switzer

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AMS & Switzer GTR, Blkdragn GTR, Ram1320 EVO

Bugatti Veyron vs. Switzer Nissan GT-R (ORIGINAL)
(Sorry I don't know all three of the songs used except for "Wolfmother - Woman" at the 2:30 mark and "Apache In Marrakech" at the .30 second mark.) Two races take place between a Nissan GT-R which left the mighty Veyron eating it's dust early on in the first race. I have a theory that the GT-R could have only gone that fast because it was driven by Chuck Norris:P

AAM GT900 GTR vs Heffner TT Ford GT - Airstrip Attack - Shift-S3ctor
Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack. 1/2 mile rolling start. Subscribe for more videos.

Bloc Party - 2015 Update + New Song "Exes" (Live @ The Glasshouse Pomona 8/19/15)
Kele Okereke gives an update on Bloc Party and introduces the two new members. Justin Harris on the bass, and Louise Bartle on the drums.