2004 Mercury Marauder exhaust

Up close, idle and a few revs. Copyright: Video was recorded by ctrlraven and is owned by ctrlraven.

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04 Mercury Marauder stock exhaust
My 04 DTR Mercury Marauder Stock Exhaust. This was right after washing, so the water mist is kinda obvious. And for anyone curious as to why i was walking all the way around the car to get to the drivers door, and not revving it (that) much, well every house on my street is filled with old people who got uneasy when i took my go kart down the street, so i was making sure none were looking to call the cops on me for stupid crap. Old people these days ;) Enjoy!

Marauder Exhaust Video
A short video of the Exhaust sound on my 2003 Mercury Marauder with Trilogy kit #008

Mercury Marauder Flowmaster 40 Series
2003 Mercury Marauder (#1264) with JLT Performance Intake, Catless X-Pipe, Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers, and MEGS resonator-delete tips.

2004 Mercury Marauder 6spd Swap Test Drive
At time of filming, the clutch only had 380 miles on it. Things are still getting broken in. Trans swap info: T-56 Magnum Mcleod lightened steel flywheel Mcleod RXT twin disc clutch Mcleod adjustable pivot ball Steeda adjustable cable and quadrant Shortened Alcoa Metal Matrix Composite driveshaft Kit purchased from here: http://adtr.net/product/ford-crown-victoria/adtr-6-speed-manual-transmissio n-swap-kit/ editors note: I was not texting and driving, I had to turn the gopro back on.