Drag Race Surprise - Cadillac vs Mercedes

If we told you a Cadillac beat a Mercedes Benz C300 by going 0-60 the fastest, would you assume we used our CTS-V? Watch the world's best fullsize luxury SUV race the Mercedes Benz and see what happens to the Mercedes after the race.

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2015 Cadillac Escalade Vs 2015 Range Rover Sport - DESIGN!
Tags: lincoln Navigator, Mercedes GL-Class, lexus lx 570, bmw x6, land cruiser, gmc yukon, Chevrolet Suburban 2015, POrsche Cayenne, gmc yukon denali, Chevrolet Tahoe Can Cadillac’s 2015 Escalade finally challenge the long-reigning Range Rover? Exterior design As I said before, the third-gen Escalade was a pretty sorry sight. What visual distinction the first- and second-gen Escalade shared from its Chevrolet and GMC cousins was all but nullified. Not so for 2015. Now the Escalade has gravitas up the yin-yang. The Cadillac vertical headlights seem to work best on the new Escalade – better than on the 2014 CTS, I think. I love how those tall lights blend into a sharp shoulder line that runs the length of the truck. Designers worked diligently, Cadillac claims, in reducing panel gaps and alignment. And from what I can tell, it has worked. The Escalade finally looks to have a fit and finish comparable to that of the Range Rover. You’ll also notice, upon further inspection, that the Escalade’s doors no longer run into the roof. Instead the tuck nicely under the roof line. This not only makes it a bit more polished looking but also much quieter in the cabin. The Range Rover has for a long time been the global standard of 4×4 luxury. While the Escalade has retained its boxy look, Land Rover designers have smoothed out the once brick-like Rangie. It still has a distinctive and immediately recognizable design, but doesn’t carry over the sharp edges of the previous Range Rovers. Although I have greatly preferred the looks of every generation of Range Rover to the previous Escalades, for 2015, I have to give the crown to Caddy. The Range Rover just looks a bit alien. But the Escalade just looks like a calm authority. I love it. Interior design, comfort, amenities The Range Rover – for the last several generations – has been the pinnacle of automotive interior design. Everything was perfectly placed, well built, and even more sensuous to the touch than it appeared. The 2014 is no different – it’s just better. The 2014 Range Rover interior looks like it’s from the future, the very luxurious future. It’s what, I imagine, Steve Jobs would have wanted all automotive interiors to look like. It’s clean, crisp, and just appears to have been very well thought-out indeed. The 2015 Escalade comes closer to this than any previous Caddy of any kind before it. In fact, I’d say General Motors designers stole a few tricks from Range Rover. The shape of the center stack is remarkably similar to that of the Rangie. Yes, the rest of the Caddy dash is a bit swoopier, but you can see the resemblance. The Escalade boasts a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with four different themes, which is pretty darn neat. The Range Rover, on the other hand, has five exterior cameras mounted in the bodywork that can be streamed live on the infotainment screen during off-roading, so that you don’t hit any obstacles with your $84,000 4×4. Cadillac has improved interior quietness and luxury alike. It finally boasts real wood on the interior and a higher-quality leather. The whole interior has been constructed with what GM calls “cut-and-sewn and wrapped.” Although I’ve not laid my hands on it, the build quality of the Escalade looks exquisite. As for passenger room, the Escalade can seat eight and the Range Rover can only seat five. For my final verdict, I am going to have to go with quality over quantity on the interior. The Range Rover wins – but the Escalade is damn close. And, for that, it deserves much credit.

Тест-драйв от Давидыча Mercedes GL 63 AMG.
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