Test ride after rim install, before new front suspension.dv

Test riding Vanessa after installing 22" wheels, I realized she required new shocks. I'd never noticed this with the factory aluminum wheels. How it'd gotten past me, I have no idea. However, the larger wheels caused a bottom-out up front. She's since been updated and performs like pro. New Vid coming soon.

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pt 15 riding wit da Cleveland Legend red and black chevy van 20 on dem 22's past by

Overhaulin' Van at 2006 Council of Councils
John brought his van from Overhaulin' to the 2006 Council of Councils meeting. Very nice indeed! (c) 2006 - Zephyr Media Designs

so icey boys chevy van on 22's
so icy boys chevy van on 22's

chevy van on 24's
chevy van on 24's