Test ride after rim install, before new front suspension.dv

Test riding Vanessa after installing 22" wheels, I realized she required new shocks. I'd never noticed this with the factory aluminum wheels. How it'd gotten past me, I have no idea. However, the larger wheels caused a bottom-out up front. She's since been updated and performs like pro. New Vid coming soon.

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Chevy G20 Front End Suspension-Shock repair/Install
Having new shocks installed on my G20 (Vanessa) while visiting in Sioux City.

RIM RINGZ - A car accessory that adds flare, protects tire / wheel / rim and covers curb damage RIM RINGZ is a set of four rings that come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be attached to the edge of a car's alloy wheel. The purpose of the product is to: protect the wheel from "curb rash" while parking or turning sharply out of a driveway, cover existing damage and add visual appeal to the car. www.RimRingz.com

Chevy Hightop Van on 30s Swangin Doors (1st in The World)
1st Chevy Hightop Van in The World on 30s

so icey boys chevy van on 22's
so icy boys chevy van on 22's