Piston Rotary Engine - ABSOLUTE motion - THREEE CHIDOT (S&T)

SYNISON Laboratory LTD R E V E A L S * the Innovative & Impressively FLEXIBLE MOTION PATTERN of Pistons of the New Piston Rotary Engine: "THREEE CHIDOT" (Absolute Motion). { this video is just a demo; for a Complete Piston Absolute Position Array (CPAPA) and/or a Complete Toothing Profile Point Array (CTPPA), of an Optimized Model, visit: www.synison.gr } (*) WO/2009/040588: Application Example & Claim 7: - YELLOW peripheral stripe represents the INTAKE slot - MAGENTA peripheral stripe represents the Exhaust slot - COMBUSTION occurs in motion, via 3 stationary groups of Spark Plugs or 1 Spark Plug on the center of the Rear Face of the Leading Piston (here)

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Hybrid Piston / Rotary Engine Test 8 12 14
Description HYBRID PISTON / ROTARY ENGINE , Revolutionary New Architecture, SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, EFFICIENT 4 Stroke W/ Power Stroke Every Revolution, Rotary Valves, 2 opposed pistons per cylinder

Comber Rotary Engine
Another unusual and excellent engine based on a Comber Rotary design from 1880. The design features a double ended piston with rollers at each end that follow the inside profile of the cam. The cylinder is a one piece unit that rotates with the shaft. Valving at one Bearing admits steam just as one roller starts pushing downhill on the Cam, causing the Cylinder and Shaft to turn. The cylinder is shown transparent to help illustrate the movement of the piston, with end caps removed for clarity.

Hale Rotary Aero Engine Simulation 2
Animation of Jerry Hale's novel rotary engine. Simplified model shows arrangement of cylinders and drive mechanism. Now with more realistic proportions.

Tesla Turbine
Nikola Tesla designed a bladeless turbine in 1910. He Patented a design in the US on 6th of May 1913. in 1916 Tesla describes the Tesla Turbine as his best invention to date.