Piston Rotary Engine - ABSOLUTE motion - THREEE CHIDOT (S&T)

SYNISON Laboratory LTD R E V E A L S * the Innovative & Impressively FLEXIBLE MOTION PATTERN of Pistons of the New Piston Rotary Engine: "THREEE CHIDOT" (Absolute Motion). { this video is just a demo; for a Complete Piston Absolute Position Array (CPAPA) and/or a Complete Toothing Profile Point Array (CTPPA), of an Optimized Model, visit: www.synison.gr } (*) WO/2009/040588: Application Example & Claim 7: - YELLOW peripheral stripe represents the INTAKE slot - MAGENTA peripheral stripe represents the Exhaust slot - COMBUSTION occurs in motion, via 3 stationary groups of Spark Plugs or 1 Spark Plug on the center of the Rear Face of the Leading Piston (here)

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Offset Rotor Explained: Looking Inside the Fibonacci Offset Rotary Steam Engine (FORSE)
The Fibonacci Offset Rotary Steam Engine (FORSE), also referred to as the FE-2, has ten (10) primary key components, one of which is the rotor. The rotor is offset to the housing, and in some instances, the rotor is offset to the housing in two directions. In the FE-2 engine shown in the video clip, there is a single offset. (The FE-4 incorporates a double offset rotor.) If you picture the face of a clock, the rotor is positioned inside the engine housing so it is almost touched the engine housing at 12 o'clock. (In the double offset configuration, the rotor is also moved towards the 10 o'clock position, resulting in a double offset rotor (patent(s) pending). The internal positioning of the rotor in relationship to the housing, coupled to the sliding vanes, creates the unique shape of the expansion chambers. The unique, patent pending seal system is able to contain an expanding vapor inside the expansion chambers. Because of the SHAPE of the expansion chambers, there is a NET 'downward' force of the vapor pushing against the vanes, resulting in significant rotational power. (In another video I will describe how to keep an expanding gas in a vapor state, without wasting fuel or heat. The volume ratio of the chambers formed by the sliding vanes and the offset rotor follows closely the mathematical formula known as the Fibonacci ratio (1 to 1.618 . . .), On the "expansion" side of the engine (noon to 6pm), the resulting three (3) chambers, function as one, and thus provide massive leverage to the power shaft. When configured as a twin-rotor engine (TR-4), there is now a full 360 degree 'power stroke', with even greater torque at zero RPM due to the use of the twin rotors . (See www.fibonaccimotors.com)

Hybrid Piston / Rotary Engine Test 8 12 14
Description HYBRID PISTON / ROTARY ENGINE , Revolutionary New Architecture, SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, EFFICIENT 4 Stroke W/ Power Stroke Every Revolution, Rotary Valves, 2 opposed pistons per cylinder

ロータリーエンジン - THE DOT project EVOLUTION !
here is an almost Life's Work ... a symbolic representation for the Evolution of the "Engine with Many Faces" ! too boring ? too bragging ? please, forgive me and just watch it ! even ... enjoy it ! any Comment will be welcome !

Rotary Engine Breakthrough?
The Wankel engine always held out a lot of promise, but never was able to fully deliver on those promises. It was never very fuel efficient, and the Exhaust temperatures were very high. But now an independent car tech thinks he has stumbled onto what held that engine back. Get more video everyday at http://autoline.tv