Mercedes Benz R107 Fahrimpressionen Historisch 1970er Jahre Ein historisches Video vom Mercedes Benz R107, unterlegt mit leichter Instrumentalmusik

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560 sl - neu -
560 sl

Mercedes Cabrio R107 280SL Oldtimer - Fahreigenschaften

Historia firmy -Mercedes Benz 2/6, part 2/4
Sześcioodcinkowa seria "Mercedes Benz" to wyczerpująca historia firmy, która odmieniła dzieje nie tylko motoryzacji.

The SL Shop Health Check of a customers 107 SL
This video is for potential customers to get a feel of what we do as part of our Health Check. All aspects of your car can be checked - both mechanical and cosmetic. Each of our customers has a slightly different brief and its important for us to understand the customer AND car so we can help can help maintain classic Mercedes-Benz SL's, refurbish, restore to a defined - agreed brief. To book a Health Check call our Service Department on 01386 791071