. 3 door cossie on a deluxe mk2mania jig ( self loading and locking ) restoration rotisserie spit

our deluxe spit which is fully adjustable, dual locking , hieght and width adjustments aswell as our unique self loading mech makes it ideal for most restorations,, for more info go to http://www.mk2mania.co.uk/ for all our rollover equipment also power steering kits or call 07970 457458 or 0800 3118458,,, CHECK OUT OUR OTHER UPLOADS

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Ford Cortina mk3 rotisserie, rollover jig, obrotnica

mk2mania deluxe restotation jig on a mk4 escort pick up chassis tilter rollover jig apple friendly
deluxe mk2mania rollover spit , this si our fully adjustable tilter with insitu adjustment, this jig is suitable for most thing as is our electric power steering, give us a bell or email via our websites http://www.easysteer.co.uk/ or http://www.mk2mania.com/#Home

SideAxe : The Ultimate Auto Rotisserie by Merrick Machine Co
The SideAxe (Side Accessible) Auto Rotisserie is the ultimate auto rotisserie on the market. It was developed to the specifications of a world leading provider of power systems for air, sea and land operations. We are now building this incredible tool to YOUR specifications. See the end of the video for some of the options available. The SideAxe has 1000 lb capacity and reaches to the ground to allow you to mount your vehicle without blocking! E-Z spin the vehicle 360 degrees easily and pin it in place. Front and rear are fully synchronized. See www.theautodolly.com for more details on this revolutionary new product.

AE86 Homemade Rotisserie - Flip over
Homemade rotisserie to fab S13 rear subframe to replace the solid rear axle.