'79 Buick LeSabre will race again!

Christian Rheinisch wanted to start an auto racing club for Cal Poly. His buddy had an old, beat-up, unused car just sitting around. Rheinisch was told, "If you can make it turn right, it's yours." Rheinisch is now the founder and president of the Cal Poly Industrial Technology Racing Division, and intends to fix up the old 1979 Buick LeSabre and take it out to a racetrack. And he is getting a lot of attention for his project.

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79 buick lesabre THE REAL BEAST
1979 BUICK LESABRE speaks out to all big bodies!!!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE OTHER VIDEOS BY sjkessel PRODUCTIONS!! We just decided to jump this car till it quit running. it was very fun and there were only minor back pains the next morning after the jump lol. I really enjoy jumping cars...if u couldnt tell. yes this one was scary as hell!!

Insane Jump by a Buick La sabre
A video for everyone to enjoy.

1979 turbo buick lesabre sport coupe walkaround 10 31 2014
heres a video showing inside and outside of the car along w under the hood and inside the trunk. car is for sale and currently on ebay as of 10/31/14 / its a very special car - ready to enjoy & show if you like. some say its an important car to buick grand national history, that aside its just a fun full size buick coupe to own and cruise.