Flowmaster 50 Delta Flow Hemi Ram

New 50 series 3"si/so.

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2014 Dodge Ram 1500 With Super 44 Flowmaster Installed @ So Cal Muffler
2014 Dodge Ram Truck with Super 44 Flowmasters Single in Dual out performance muffler fabricated to fit tailpipes! Come by to get the job done right here @ So Cal Muffler 951-343-3399!

2013 RAM 1500 Express Flowmaster Super 44
Muffler swap on my 2013 RAM 1500 HEMI. AFE CAI, everything else is stock. Did my best on trimming videos.

2014 Dodge Ram Flowmaster True Dual Super 10/AFE Cold air kit by Kinney's
How doe's nearly 30 horsepower and another mile per gallon sound? Ohh never mind! You want this awesome Kinney's true dual because it sounds and looks phenomenal! This specific system is likely our most aggressive and attention grabbing system to date. With the stainless steel Flowmaster Super 10 series crossflow muffler at the center of it all you get perfect Exhaust equalization and a rich crisp tone that pounds the asphalt. Most Exhaust centers and or muffler shops won't attempt this type of performance upgrade as they are reluctant to spend the time and energy it takes to do it the right way. It's easier and more profitable to simply install a single in dual out muffler on and call it done. At Kinney's we are performance Exhaust done right! Dont misunderstand, we will just replace the muffler with any of our several offerings however remember, your just "decorating the air" NO performance enhancement or fuel efficiency is recognized with muffler replacement only. After we changed the original single cosmetic system to a legal true dual, we installed an awesome cold air intake system from AFE. The intake system improves the air flow into the engine by more than 30% The intake system also pulls the fresher and cooler air from outside the vehicle instead from inside the hot engine compartment. Look closely at the steller workmanship and ask your local muffler shop guy if he can make his look like ours. Check out our FANTASTIC website at www.kinneysmufflershop.com to see why we are one of our nations finest facilitys to get your system done right. Kinney's has over 1,400 vehicles recorded and on file for you to see and hear with our unique high quality offerings (over 200 available online) So check us out and be sure to like us on face book you will be glad you did! Doing custom performance exhasut the right way since 1978.

2500hp Street Car!?!? INSANE Blown Hemi Alcohol
GORGEOUS 1963 Plymouth Valiant sporting a 528 Hemi, Blown running on Alcohol. This is the nicest & nastiest car I have ever seen, ridden in, touched or worked on. Enjoy the video and don't forget to hit that subscribe button! During this video the car was only 5% overdriven... It is ~1500whp @ 5%, 2500whp+ @ 20% overdriven. Lenco 3 speed. Fab Rear end with 4.57 gears for the street. 4 link, molly chassis (NHRA 6.3 Certified, Pro Mod), etc. Tinman 2 Kustoms on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinman2kustoms Special thanks to James Autonomi for the Music: https://soundcloud.com/autonami ProModRacer (AKA "Professor Mopar") on Instagram: http://instagram.com/promodracer