stock wrx bov

stock wrx bov with no recirc

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HowTo Custom Blow Off Valve
In this video me and my team will show you how to create your own blow off valve out of the stock one already on a turbo car. I repeat it must be turbo. This won't be as loud as a factory one but it is plenty loud enough, plus it will save you some cash! Enjoy!

Subaru Wrx GFB Bov Install | Whistle Trumpet!!
In this video Jordan and Orlando show you how to install a blow off value on a 2003 Subaru wrx. This is a great BOV to use for Subaru's because of their sensitive ECU's. It can be adjusted to work with whatever specific modifications that your car has. This is a great choice for a highly modified track car, or a daily drive-able street car. Song used Sound Remedy - We Are The Dream (Saturn Remix) Our other channels SimpleCarTips!! We are your average car guys and are NOT mechanics or claim to be. We like to making interesting mods to our personal vehicles. We can't guaranty anything we show you will work on your personal car. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing! Always use the appropriate tools needed to get the job done safely.Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. For any promotional inquires message directly on our Youtube/Facebook page or e-mail

Block off plate 2005 WRX
Quick video to see if a block off plate works

How to install the blow off valve on a 2011 2012 STI WRX