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Part 2 of Discovery Real Time Wheeler Dealers program on the MX-5. A great review on the greatest sports car ever built. It tells you how buy second hand, what to look out for and what you can do make the car great again

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Hanging with HAGGARD GARAGE! Little Miata burnouts, drifting and cars | Part 2
Part 2, since everyone has been asking for it :) Sharing is caring! If you like this video, please drop a sub for more.

We start the Quarter Panel & Door repair on Lil Dirtbikes 95' Mazda Miata

Wheeler Dealers S03E10 Mazda MX 5 NA Part 2
Wheeler Dealers S03E10 Mazda MX 5 NA Part 2

Mad Mikes Project: RADBUL MX5 Drift Car Part2
Imagine, if you will, your ultimate no holds barred race car. What would it be and what sort of numbers would it be making? Then imagine having the tenacity to actually make it happen in the real world and be able to watch it metamorphosis from a bare shell in front of your eyes. That’s got to be cool, right? For Speedhunters own Mad Mike Whiddett, it’s something he doesn’t have to think about, because it’s exactly what’s happening right now in an immaculate industrial unit on Auckland’s east side. For more on this episode, images and articles check these links and-a-twin-turbo-Boost-for-radbul Miss Episode 1? Catch up here, links to articles and images e/ lding-the-ultimate-drift-machine