iron rock off road 's jeep grand cherokee wj on blue trail.2008

now this jeep has a exocage and long arm's..

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HK Offroad - Winch Bumper Durability Test - Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
We took our shops WJ to Dishpan Springs in pretty much stock form. With only a 3" lift and Michellin 29" all-season tires, we practically dragged our WJ by winching through the rock garden on the side of the waterfall obstacle. This video demonstrates the durability, the fit and finish and the approac angle our bumper offers. We are very impressed with the final outcome of this bumper. After several months of re-design after re-design, we ended up with 77.2 pounds of steel and It stands up to winching pressure which we designed it for. With it's recessed winch mount, the bumper offers excellent approach angle. Although this bumper may not be for every WJ owner because it does require you cut the factory cross-member located in front of the radiator. FEATURES: 100% Hand-made in the U.S.A. in Lebec California Heavy duty steel construction Maintains factory front end measurement - does not stick out 85 feet past the front end (sarcasm) One piece solid 1/4" under-plate stretches from fender to fender. The under plate is a recessed winch mount and bumper face-plate support. Mounts to vehicle with ten grade-8 serrated flang nuts and bolts (all hardware provided with detailed installation instructions The center fairlead plate is 1/4" plate The side plates are 3/16" Upper 10 gauge steel plate slides under headlight and mounts flush with fender 3/4" solid steel Grade 50 D-Ring shackle Mounts are welded to the bottom plate, front plate and measures 7.25" in length which mounts to the frame rail. What this means for you, when you are winching or towing using the D-Ring shackle mounts, you are literally pulling directly from the chassis and not just the bumper Optional bolt-on stinger or bull bar Optional bolt-on radiator support skid plate with 1" bars to form seven slot jeep grill and match upper grill The end of the bumper which mounts onto the fender can be cut to accommodate larger tires. Made for WJ's with up to 33" tires Recessed Winch Mount - requires cutting of the factory cross member, also known as the steel bumper behind the bumper fascia