Our 1937 Chevy and eddie gurrero

eddie driving my fathers bomb out to the ring in Las Vegas

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Undertaker breaks character + Eddie Guerrero's Birthday - WWE Live Florence Italy 2004 -
October 9, 2004 After the show, all the faces came back into the ring because of Eddie Guerrero's birthday and they had a present for him: a cold can of beer.

Eddie Guerrero's heart attack
Eddie Guerrero in-ring heart attack. Many say it is scripted, may say that it is real. However this is not a reason to press the dislike button.

Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero defeats Brock Lesnar to become the WWE Champion on February 15, 2004

Eddie Guerrero malaise cardiaque en direct sur le ring (il n'est pas mort ce jour là)
le 20/05/2004 6 man tag team match Eddie Guerrero vs The Dudley Boyz and JBL Même 3 ans après avoir arrêter toute substance ça a détruit peu à peu son être...d'ou ce malaise cardiaque et sa mort un an plus tard... R.I.P