LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SV-R Race Car Dyno test Stars & Stripes paint

This is a higher quality HD shorter length version of a popular video that is on my channel already. Diablo SV-R race car. This car was raced by an American team in Europe, that is why it has the stars and stripes paint scheme.

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Lime Green LAMBORGHINI Murcielago LP 670-4 SV on the DYNO!!!
Tom's outrageous lime green (Verde Ithaca) LP 670-4 SV on the Dyno. horsepower rating at the tires was 547!!

LaFERRARI Electric BLUE Supercar walk around view
Blu Elettrico (Electric Blue) rare color LaFerrari Supercar at The All Italian Car Show in the Seattle area.

FERRARI 458 Italia new SPIDER convertible in white
Brand new, first one delivered to Seattle. Ferrari 458 Italia SPIDER!

Ferrari 250 GTO, Enzo, F40, 599 GTO & 599 SA Aperta all drive out together
NW Region Ferrari Club of America - Concours d'Elegance Show on Sunday July 20th. Some of the very special cars leaving together.