Turbo Saturn Ion

turbocharged 2.2L Saturn Ion 1 pulls and such.

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turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra

500hp Turbo Saturn Ion Racing at WannaGoFast Georgia
Doing half mile passes in a turbo Saturn Ion against much MUCH more expensive cars.

Saturn Ion Redline Turbo In car 130 MPH Pull
Some Playing around with My old Saturn ION Redline. Supercharger Was removed and a Custom turbo kit was built (By OpenExcessMotors). This is stock internals with stock transmission on a 2004 Ion Redline 2.0 LSJ. http://s46.beta.photobucket.com/user/openexcess/library/2004%20Saturn%20Ion %20Redline%20-%20STOLEN

Corvette C6 Stock Ls2 vs Saturn ion Redline Stage 2