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350Z vs. Solara
Now for an even run. Patrick in my car now and all the weight in my back (tools, cleaning supplies, golf clubs, jack)allowed him to come back on me. All excuses :-) DEFINITELY close races.

Toyota solara Replacement Remote Programming 2004 2008
Visit us at Procedure To Program Toyota Solara Wireless Remote Transmitters: Begin with: The driver's door open and unlocked. Key out of the Solara ignition. 1. Insert and remove the Solara key from the ignition switch 2 times within 5 seconds. NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 should be performed within 40 seconds. 2. Close and open driver's door TWICE. 3. Insert the key into the Solara ignition and remove it. NOTE: Steps 4 - 6 should be performed within 40 seconds. 4. Close and open the driver's door twice. 5. Insert the key into the Solara ignition. 6. Close the door. 7. Turn the ignition switch from "Lock" to "On" and back to "Lock" at about 1 second intervals to select the desired mode: 1 time for ADD mode. 2 times for REWRITE mode. 3 times for CONFIRMATION mode. 5 times for PROHIBITION mode. 8. Remove the key from the ignition. 9. To confirm your mode selection, the power locks will now cycle "lock" to "unlock" a number of times corresponding to your key cycles in step 7. NOTE: If Confirmation or Prohibition modes have been selected, opening the door will complete the procedure. 10. For Add or Rewrite modes do the following within 40 seconds of Door Procedure Lock confirmation: A. Press both car transmitter Lock and Unlock buttons simultaneously between 1 and 1.5 seconds and release. B. Within 3 seconds of step A, press the transmitter Lock button for more than 1 second and release. If the keyless entry remote transmitter has been successfully programmed, the power locks will cycle "lock" to "unlock" once at this time. If there are problems with the remote transmitter or the procedure up to this point, the locks will cycle twice. If this occurs, verify that you have received the correct transmitter, and then repeat the above procedure. C. If multiple remotes are to be reprogrammed, repeat steps A and B. 11. Open the driver's door to conclude the Solara programming mode. Please also watch the video below to learn about Toyota keyless remote programming

Toyota Solara with a Supercharged 1MZ
Afr monitoring

World Wide Racing Solara 7.08@191
2nd full pass in the 1/4 mile with a 1.04 60ft 2JZGTE motor 2spd auto trans