62 Mickael 2300cc Dyno.AVI

Mickael' 1962 Vw Beetle with 2300cc engine on Pat's Dyno ... 175 HP

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1961 Beetle with 2276cc engine on the dyno
Rod Richardson - 61 Beetle - 2276cc - 162.8hp(121.5kw)168hp with stinger.

Dyno test vw Schrek 218hp
During Pat open day 2010 in Belgium. 218hp Log on to http://charlie48ida.skynetblogs.be .

2300cc 67' Cal-Look Beetle - Dyno #5 160HP
Another 67 soon registered for The Belgian Traffic Light Championship http://cal-look.no/lounge/index.php/topic,10613.0.html

Alfredo [Vw 2300cc] vs Ivan [Montecarlo V8]
Alfredo vs Ivan Arrancones Nocturnos Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez