El Camino And Camaro From A Roll - Forza 4 -

LETS RACE!!!!! OUTSIDERS86 xbox live

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Turbo Camaro 9.02@156
2001 Camaro, 383 ls1, s88 turbo, th400. 9.02@156 on a 1.38 60' @ 16psi. Tuned by Slowhawk Performance.

Forza 4 Drag Race C3 Corvette vs '66 Nova
IMMORTALxHUMAN and Kameleon225 doin a old classic Motor City Drag

Forza 4 Pro Street
22/01/2013 60,000 VIEWS Forza Motorsport 4 Pro Street car being made from the scrapyard turned into a great beast of all-motor V8 Power Plus some other Pro Street drag cars made by other players accross all over the forza 4 community (More details below) IF you would like to be part of the Pro Street then go onto forza and press A under "community" then go down to "clubs" and press A to join club then type in OC H (Orange County Hotrod) and your car/s may be featured in the next video OR you can add BRAV0 TWO ZER0 RULES: first of all i don't know when but somehow classic cars all have a "desperate housewife" design of posing women all over it.... it is a classic car to be owned by mature people not people who are sad... You CANNOT have the largest wheels on your car at all! Last thing is that the cars must have a "Pro Street Drag Style" and that means that the cars design may be in detail but not overloaded with irrelivent logo's such as monster energy and having a falken design on the car, if you do not know how a Pro Street drag car should look then look on youtube or google...

Forza 4 1970 Chevy El Camino SS 454 Build Up
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