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Confederate P120 Fighter

Jason riding a Confederate P120 Fighter to lunch.


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Confederate P120 Fighter Warming Up

UndergroundSG-ATT On Confederate P120.MOV

Confederate Motorcycles - P120 Combat - Speedfreaktv
Confederate Motorcycles P120 Combat featured at the Motorcycle Super show in Toronto. The last of our show vids. This bike is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic! Such an engineering marvel when you think it takes 120hrs to build. At a base price of $72k USD it's definitely an exclusive bike for the high end collector. Jump on http://www.confederate.com for more information about this bike. Riding videos courtesy of Confederate's YouTube channel. Don't forget to log onto http://www.speedfreaktv.com. Kindly SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and COMMENT on everything you see! Sorry about the loud ass band in the background, would have preferred to film when they were on break, but timing didn't allow it. :) Speedfreaktv's theme music courtesy of Ronald Jenkees http://www.ronaldjenkees.com/

Confederate P120 Fighter
Jason putting test miles on the newest P120 Fighter in Birmingham, Alabama.

Confederate Motorcycles race preparation
in Birmingham, Alabama during August, 2013

On the Stand: Confederate P120 Fighter
Catch a glimpse of Jason performing routine checks before test riding the newest P120 Fighter.

motorcycles: Confederate X132 Hellcat idling
inside the Confederate Motorcycles workshop on 2/8/12 http://www.confederate.com

Confederate bikes: a closer look!
Misterhelmet is giving a look at Confederate stand at Milan Show EICMA 2007. Did'nt know audio was on...a very short and friendly chat with Italian Importer Misterhelmet dà un'occhiata allo stand Confederate al salone EICMA di Milano..non sapendo che il microfono è aperto...fa una chiacchierata con l'importatore Italiano... By: Misterhelmet Gianluigi Ragno

RK CONCEPTS Chain Bike 08.01.2009
RK Concepts Chain Bike. (www.rkconcepts.com) This bike was entered into the 2009 AMD World Championship Motorcycle Build Contest. Rafik Kaissi conceived & built this bike from scratch out of his apartment garage by himself.

http://shar.es/d6rnl Confederate R135 Wraith Combat ~ Grease n Gasoline http://www.facebook.com/hydrocarbons Like us Confederate R135 Wraith Combat, R135 Wraith Combat price, Confederate R135 Wraith Combat specs, Confederate R135 Wraith Combat limited edition, http://shar.es/5mWlr CONFEDERATE MOTORCYCLES | B120 WRAITH ~ Grease n Gasoline http://www.facebook.com/hydrocarbons LIKE US B120 WRAITH BY CONFEDERATE MOTORCYCLES Confederate Motorcycles founded in 1991 by Matt Chambers presents us with another badass motorcycle, the B120 Wraith. It features a 125hp counter-balanced twin cam 45 degree radial twin engine, brembo brakes and carbon fiber wheels. LIKE Grease n Gasoline ON FB https://www.facebook.com/hydrocarbons http://pinterest.com/melwin23/pins/ PHOTO ALBUMS courtesy HD THEATRE "Confederate Motors, Inc"

Confederate X132 Hellcat Burnout
The original X132 Hellcat prototype christens our new building with a little rubber...

Confederate P120 Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles: 4 clips in 1. The ultimate video.
Misterhelmet puts together 4 miniclips in one video. One cut and paste and no more click here click there, open up this, close up that. Misterhelmet mette insieme 4 miniclip in un video unico. Un solo taglia e cuci per smettere di clicare qui e là, aprire qui e chiudere lì. Misterhelmet

Record Breaking Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat
Confederate is proud to show this piece of film from Nate Sorensen, a rising young talent indeed!

Confederate P120 Fighter Combat
P120 Fighter Combat este ultima creatie a celor de la Confederate Motor Company

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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