XMods 1/24 scale rock crawler S10

Just for the idiots on youtube, this was a test of the drivetrain. If your expecting a full on crawler, see the other videos. Further comments will be deleted if your level of ignorance shows. Video, with some trials of the un-s10ppable. No ep is in it right now, its just running the motor of the 7.2V battery pack of my pro-pulse. Broke the back-right dog bone, you can see it get shot out. -95 S10 Xtreme body, with the evo H2 front bumper -Tamiya universal gearbox -aoshima 1/24 Super Swampers http://xmodworld.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=23391&sid=9b20f89a678c58a6904ba0aa11a80822

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Nelson Racing Engines-1073 hp 4.3L V6
This, is a vortec V6 from hell http://www.nelsonracingengines.com

Xmods Drifting 101-Bodies & Lowering
Back again with some Drifting 101. Answered the age old question of how I fit mini-z bodies on my xmods. It went a lot faster than I thought, but when I edited, it ended up being like 10 minutes!!! Hope this helps a lot of modders still playin with xmods out there!! Thanks to Bondo for the helpful tutorial on how to fit model bodies http://www.xmodsforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=34

Xmods LI-PO conversion + LI-PO VS 6cells
Showing LI-PO conversion of my Xmods EVO plus some quick little comparsion between LI-PO vs 6cells in the end. in this video, both cars were bone stock running stage 1 motor with 8th, AWD kit , tires ...

Xmods buggy
Just got it it's all stock not for long