XMods 1/24 scale rock crawler S10

Just for the idiots on youtube, this was a test of the drivetrain. If your expecting a full on crawler, see the other videos. Further comments will be deleted if your level of ignorance shows. Video, with some trials of the un-s10ppable. No ep is in it right now, its just running the motor of the 7.2V battery pack of my pro-pulse. Broke the back-right dog bone, you can see it get shot out. -95 S10 Xtreme body, with the evo H2 front bumper -Tamiya universal gearbox -aoshima 1/24 Super Swampers http://xmodworld.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=23391&sid=9b20f89a678c58a6904ba0aa11a80822

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Just a little fun with my AWD xmod evo in rcp track...

Xmod drifting
Xmods tutorial

Xmods buggy fully upgraded
I have the xmods buggy from radio shack and I fully upgraded it what that mean is to fully upgrade the xmods buggy is to put in 4x4, high speed motor, & a 9.6v NiMH battery pack and I did just that

New 2013 XMODS Unboxing.
In this video I unbox the XMODS starter kit, upgrade motor, and an extra body with the new nitro Booster. Enjoy the video and please comment or feel free to subscribe. The products shown above were bought from my local Radioshack.