powercruise 35 sydney 2012 saturday 3.wmv

powercruise sydney 2012 2nd cruise session in the ed falcon

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powercruise 35 sydney 2012 sunday 2.wmv
powercruise 2012, sunday run, sorry about the sound as the camera was in the wind..

Sydney Powercruise #35 Burnouts ~ insanegrunt.com
A small collection of footage from the burnouts on the wet burnout pad @ the Carline Mufflers Powercruise #35 March 2012 By: Blake Williamson www.insanegrunt.com

powercruise 35 sydney 2012 saturday.wmv
powercruise sydney 2012 saturday in the wet in the ed falcon.

Powercruise sydney 2012
Video taken of a mates series 1 s14 silvia cutting laps on the cruise session at powercruise #35 @ EasternCreekRaceway. This car makes about 300kw at the wheels. Excuse parts of the video which are poor quality. Also excuse the wippers going crazy and some swearing :)