VT SS Commodore Vs EF Falcon

VT SS Commodore Vs EF Falcon

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Top Gear Australia: Holden vs Ford #2
BUY HOLDEN AND FORD!!! Either way, at least you are supporting AUSTRALIA. Caught this just before it started. Don't know about part 1... Was a few weeks ago and I didn't see it.. Free cash and domains: http://paidgamers.net/community

Ford XR6 Turbo vs Commodore SS
Ford XR6 turbo vs Commodore SS -VY SS vs VX SS VY SS auto stock 329 hp Gen III LS1 V8 VX SS manual mafless tune, OTR CAI, unknown Exhaust mods Dyno'd @ 255+rwkw Gen III LS1 V8 -XR6 turbo vs VX SS BA XR6 turbo with built 4spd Auto, Standard turbo @ 15psi, Dyno'd @ 320+rwkw Plazmaman Intercooler, Plazmaman CAI, battery relocation, injectors, valve springs, CAT, center muffler removed with aftermarket rear muffler Be sure to check out my XR6 turbo Screamer Pipe Video: https://youtu.be/R53Or03QURI Don't forget to get in touch with me on: Instagram: http://instagram.com/letstestdrive/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetsTestDrive Twitter: https://twitter.com/LetsTestDrive

EF xr6 Drifting
My ef xr6 N/A drifting at winton for my 2nd time drifting a track. Hope you enjoy :)

AU Falcon vs VT Commodore
I review the 2000 AU Falcon and the 2000 VT Commodore.