Angry man, Coast & Stoppie practice! Even Cops... This video got it all! [2012 Superretards Crash] Music: Mind Kaos - How we do Like, Favorite & Comment! And Share if you like it...

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How the F*UCK did he not crash?! Went out brapping with some of the guys from the crew... One of the guys are riding a KTM 950. Soooo close to fuck his bike up totally. FACEBOOK PAGE: LIKE COMMENT FAVOURITE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Some people don't like us! [RAW]

Cops Cops Cops... Power meet should be named Cop meet! [Extras]
How many Cops can you see in the video? Power Big Meet Weekend in Västerås and there were a lot of Cops. A real video from this weekend will be out soon. Website:

Superretards vs. BMW M5, Mustang GT, Volvo 240 Turbo, Ferrari 360 [Superretards 2013 Drift]
Some retards got together and pissed a lot of people off... So much that the cops came and joined! We don't know anything about this event! Cops seem to give us the blame for everything happening on the roads here. Some idiots sent us this material... Or did they? CARS: BMW M5, Ford Mustang GT, Volvo 240 turbo, Ferrari 360 Spyder... Website: Follow us on Facebook! Subscribe on youtube: Webshop: Second channel: