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NEDRA Electric Vehicle (EV) Drag Races September 2010 Portland Oregon

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White Zombie electric vehicle (EV) crazy launch Sept. 11, 2010
Whoever says electric vehicles are slow hasn't seen the White Zombie!

Electric RX7 drags a Dodge Viper
"Maniac Mazda" beating a gas Dodge Viper at the 1999 NEDRA National Electric Drag Races in Woodburn, Oregon. Also check www.suckamps.com and www.evparts.com

Electric Mustang Fastback - Zombie 222 drag race

Team WarpSpeed EV MotorSports - Warp Factor II 2011
Lebanon Valley Dragway, NY. Racing in the East Coast Electric Drag Racing Series. 10.08 seconds in1/4 mile @ 127.75 mph. "Warp Factor II" driver by Ron Adamowicz. The Camaro is powered by Lithium Polymer Pouch cells, The DC electric motors are produced by Netgain Motors.

Electric Powered Beetle Dragster - Black Current III
VW Pro 1/4 Final ETB 2010

Electric Vehicle Hits and Misses - Autoline This Week 1647
They arrived with such fanfare a couple years back, that you'd have thought we'd all be driving electrics by now but that's not the case. In fact, even today some manufacturers are reticent to even offer an electric option. But that hasn't stopped everyone from the biggest OEMs to the single car startups from designing and building all-electric cars. On Autoline This Week John McElroy and his panel look at the world of electric cars, if there's a want, a need or a business case to be made for their existence. Joining John in studio is Csaba Csere, the former Editor-in-Chief of Car & Driver magazine and Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics. Get more video everyday at http://autoline.tv

The EV Show - February 2015 - EV West
In this month's episode, Hutch and Michael drive around in a recently completed project car, the Factory Five 818 electric by 33 Machine. The show segments feature recent news, a new Fiat project, Formula E Buenos Aires, a thermal imaging camera, a Porsche Boxster, power steering options, a battery primer by Jehu Garcia, the AMR dual stack motor, Baja 1000 announcement, Car of the Month by Mike Pethel, and the Ferrari 308 update. For a complete index of the show, please visit EVShow.com.

White Zombie electric car - Run 2: 10.400 @ 117.21 - PIR 2010/07/30
White Zombie electric car - Run 2: 10.400 @ 117.21 - PIR 2010/07/30

New Tesla Roadster 2010: electric supercar
iGIZMO drives Tesla's Roadster 2010, a battery-powered supercar that can hit 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. Is electric power the future? For more, subscribe to the FREE gadget mag at www.igizmo.co.uk

Puma Sports Car electric www.evdrive.co.za
www.evdrive.co.za All electric Puma Sports Car news -- another South African first... ? SOUTH AFRICA (January 29, 2011) EV DRIVE TEAM - On Sunday 23rd of January, the EV Drive team tested their prototype electric Puma Sports Car at Rock Raceway, South Africa. "On the drag front the crowds went absolutely wild as the Ice & Dice Street draggers went down the 1/8th mile strip in the old fashioned way Robot to Robot style. A surprise arrived in the form of a classic locally manufactured vehicle. Not one but two Pumas arrived on scene with the white Puma powered by fossil fuel and a GREEN all electric PUMA SPORTS CAR powered by batteries. Yip, that's right, an electric powered Puma Sports Car made it's début at Rock Raceway surprising everyone by the amount of power it can put out, keeping up to it's fossil fuel powered cousin", said Abie Sada, press and media liaison representative from the Rock Raceway, South Africa. Lourens Terblanche , race driver of the white fossil fuel Puma Sports Car and owner of LOURENS Exhaust fitment centre in Vereeniging South Africa said " I don't like this hype for electric cars , how must I make a living from replacing Exhausts...? Bad news for the Exhaust industry! " On Monday 24th of January, some high speed testing was done at Midvaal Raceway, South Africa with amazing results. "I witnessed something very special. A Puma Sports Car was going around the raceway without the usual noise. To my surprise I was told it is powered by only an electric motor. Lap times were recorded under 2 minutes, quite fast for an 'off the workshop and on the racetrack' version. It is refreshing to see a car serving the environment", says Nino Venturi, owner of the Midvaal Raceway, South Africa. "EV Drive Team has broken new ground in South Africa with the new Electric propulsion vehicle in the shape of the Puma Sports Car....This car has the looks of a sports car with an inner of an electric train. The best about it is the no roar (absolute silence) .The performance of the car was breathtaking, not standing back for the fossil fuel car. On the track the handling, breaking and straight-line speed was just as good as any other vehicle. Amazing acceleration with instant torque on the back wheels .I am very impressed" ...said Johnny Naude - Motorsport South Africa (MSA) race official during recording session and data logging of lap times at Midvaal Raceway, South Africa.... "The electric Puma Sports Car has adequate torque and power throughout the rev range. I've found the suspension and handling good taking into account it has not been set up for racing yet", replied EV DRIVE team test driver, Shane Kroon. The EV Drive team is researching and developing the all electric Puma Sports Car powered by ECOTRICITY (eco friendly alternative renewable energy.) More information and video footage of above is available on their website www.evdrive.co.za

"Adrenlaine" pumping Electric Drag Racing Compilation!!!
Instant, Insane, Earth shattering, Ground pounding torque propels these ultra unique electric drag racing vehicles down the track at the speed of electrons! Every time one of these very quick vehicles hits the track, they are pushing the envelope like no time in history! The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology. NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events. For more information visit nedra.com

SUBSCRIBE! Learn about EV technology: http://www.electric-vehiclenews.com/ Worlds fastest street legal ELECTRIC CAR 1972 Datsun 1200 Whtie Zombie. This car is based in Oregon... there are something like 18 hydro electric power plants in that state! Hydro generation accounts for 58% of all electricity in Oregon (Over 70% in Washington) and coal accounts for less than 7%. Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. Therefore, the potential to improve fuel efficiency with advanced technologies is enormous. With an Electric Car it costs just $1.00 per 100kms with MUCH more performance than with petrol at $20.00 per 100kms. EVs use between 1/6th and 1/10th the energy of a comparable ICE powered car. Datsun 1200 EV Specs: - Motor - Hi Torque Electric 'Siamese 8' Series Wound DC Dual Armature 8 inch - Controller - Zilla Z2K EHV 2000 Amp - Battery - 60x 16 Ah Hawker Enersys 'Genesis' Lead-Acid 360 Volts - Final Drive ratio - 4.11 : 1 - Weight - 2,450 Pounds (1,113 Kilograms)

Semi Trucks Drag Racing | Дальнобой наваливает №1

Electric Car Drag Race and Autocross
An electric car drag race and autocross competition was held on Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, during the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.

White Zombie 1/4 Mile Speed Record PIR 9.10.2010
The White Zombie sets a 1/4 mile speed record at 126.01 MPH, first time I had ever been to a drag strip and one of the best nights of my life! So many cool Ecars were there!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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