Can a private pilot land an airliner? (FREEview 105)

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First Day As An Airline Pilot, Hawaii Style
(Filmed With In Coordination With Airline Management And The FAA).... I can't think of a better place to do my first trip as an airline pilot. Rod and I flew my IOE (initial operating experience) from the Big Island, to Maui, to Molokai, to Honolulu and back. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a pilot, this is one career path that's waiting for you. As a Part 135 airline, we are not restricted to the same personal electronics policies as Part 121 air carriers. I worked with our FAA Inspector for Mokulele Airlines to secure permission and advice on how to properly film passenger carrying operations. We have a set of guidelines and procedures in place to handle these filming operations while maintaining a sterile cockpit. Do not attempt to replicate or record your own flights in this fashion without FAA approval. Read more on: Music: "Sun Don't Shine" - Klangkarussell -Swayne Martin

Why You Wouldn't Want to Fly The First Jet Airliner: De Havilland Comet Story
The first 300 people to click this link get a 2 month free trial to Skillshare: Air travel before the Jet Age wasn’t always glamorous. The relentless noise and vibration from a piston powered propeller aircraft often made long flights even more Exhausting. Most aircraft also couldn’t fly high enough to avoid bad weather, so air sickness was more common. After World War Two, as part of an effort to develop its civil aviation industry, Britain stunned the world by unveiling the world's jet airliner. The de Havilland Comet was sleek, quiet, and flew higher and faster than any airliner of the day. As piston propeller technology was reaching its limits, the conventional thinking was that jet engines were too unreliable and produced too little power relative to their fuel consumption. But the de Havilland Comet proved that jet travel was the future. When the Comet entered service in 1952, it immediately began breaking travel time records and became a point of national pride for Britain. The de Havilland Comet was perhaps little too ahead of it’s time. With such a clean sheet design, there will still lessons to learn. When early Comets suffered from catastrophic depressurization incidents, the entire fleet was grounded and their Certificate of Airworthiness was revoked. Flaws in the design of the aircraft’s fuselage were resolved in later Comet versions. However, the rest of the world was now catching up, and manufacturers including Boeing and Douglas began to offer their own jet airliners. While later version Comets served airlines reliably, they were outsold by competing aircraft. There's no question However, that the comet paved the way. The British had taken a massive risk and brought the world into the jet age. Thanks for watching! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe!

Girl pilot flying a Gulfstream jet. Takeoff, alternator failure & landing.
Global Girl flying a Gulfstream jet. She takes off, the alternator fails and power to some flight instruments is lost, they troubleshoot and GG continues to land the plane. Follow GG's flying adventures: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: About me: About GG: Nadia Marcinko ('Global Girl') spent many years as an international fashion model and spokesperson, with clients including Chanel and Christian Dior. After many successful years in the modeling industry, she was ready for longer runways and became a licensed commercial pilot. Always looking for the next challenge, she continued on to become a certified flight instructor and a Gulfstream GII, GIII & GIV pilot. The flight instruments appear to flicker throughout the flight - this is only a camera illusion. When the alternator fails, the instrument panel gets dark and then a red flag appears on the right EFIS.

Can I be an airline pilot if I start flight training in my 30's.
Aviation is a tough business to be in. If your in your 30's what are your chances of becoming an airline pilot. What's the investment in terms of time and money. Is it worth it?